Chile- August 2016

Explore The Andes

Todd Ligare Nevados De Chillan Chile

The ultimate SA Heli adventure strategically planned to utilize Valle Nevado resort at the beginning the week before transitioning to downtown Santiago where guest will stay at the luxurious W Hotel and fly from the top of a skyscraper to a 14k peak in less than 25 minutes. This is the ultimate heli-ski experience.

Professional lead guide, Reggie Crist, has over 10 years experience skiing and guiding in South America. With this package he has combined the best that Chile has to offer. Luxury mountain top accommodations in Valle Nevado offer prime access to the mountains, will resort skiing available on non-fly days, and plenty of Chilean mountain culture to entertain guests. In the second half of the week, we transition to Santiago for base camp, where first class accommodations in the heart of an international bustling city provide a unique contrasting experience. To ski, we fly from the city, and in 20 min, the scenery goes from city to 14,000ft peaks. A special add on to the Santiago stay… landing the heli on top of a titanium building in the heart of Santiago, after a killer ski day… a thrill unlike any other.

A mid summer ski trip is a treat in and off itself, and with Stellar, our professional guides, photographers and athletes, we make your adventure unlike any other with luxury, thrill and fun, all at an unmatched level.

Stellar also offers an exclusive professional photography package with Will Wissman. Get access to a daily gallery of images from your day that you can share instantly with your friends, family and followers and also receive a complete trip gallery at the end of the week. *Additional price

Session #1: August 13-20, 2016

Session #2: August 20-27, 2016

Session #3: August 27- Sept. 3, 2016


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