Stellar Media Presents MIGRATIONS series

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Stellar Adventure Media
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Stellar Adventure Media Launches Migrations Series

SLC, UT (Jan. 27, 2014) – Traveling long distances is a matter of survival for some animal species, but for the adventurous human spirit it’s a way of life.  All creatures are connected by a natural impulse to explore, in search of perfection.

Stellar Adventure Media (Stellar Media) recently released the trailer for the MIGRATIONS series, which features a group of adventure travelers in pursuit of ideal conditions for outdoor sports. MIGRATIONS will take viewers around the world to places far and near from the spectacular mountain landscape of the Himalayas, to the snow-lathered peaks of Alaska, documenting the risks and rewards of life on the move.

“Stellar is a multi media platform that combines artistic photography, well written stories and sophisticated motion picture”, states Will Wissman, Co-founder of Stellar Media. “It’s an incredible logistical challenge and it takes a strong team to capture those rare and brilliant moments.”

Stellar Media is the creation of professional photographer, cinematographer, and producer Will Wissman and professional guides, producers and writers, Zach and Reggie Crist,  “The inevitable change in seasons presents new opportunities for discovery and if we listen closely to the voice of Mother Nature, we’ll find ourselves in the right place at the right time.”

Migrations Trailer Here:


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